Omega Hospitals, a renowned healthcare institution in India, proudly introduced the revolutionary Ethos LINAC, an AI-powered Linear Accelerator System designed to deliver precise and effective radiation therapy to cancer patients. Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy is a revolutionary new way of treating cancer that combines adaptive intelligence with artificial intelligence and personalized planning to provide more accurate treatment.

Before planning the treatment, the technology considers various factors, such as the patient’s age, health condition, and the tumor’s location. It generates multiple treatment plans quickly, from which the doctor chooses the best one for each day.

The Ethos platform helps in treating cancer by delivering radiation to the tumor location in a precise and personalized manner. It does this by adjusting the radiation delivery based on the patient’s unique anatomy, with real-time optimizations ensuring that the treatment is accurate and effective, this allows doctors to plan and administer the treatment quickly and efficiently so patients can spend less time in the treatment process and recover faster. The whole process is closely monitored during every fraction to ensure better results.

The information obtained is always presented in a simple and clear way. This helps radiation oncologists to make the right decisions about how to treat their patients. It also helps ensure that patients get the best possible radiation treatment.

The primary characteristics of the Ethos Adaptive Radiation Therapy are as follows:

Adaptive Planning : The adaptive nature of Ethos ART enables oncologists to make real-time adjustments to the radiation dose and target based on changes in the patient’s anatomy or tumor size, resulting in a more personalized treatment plan. The radiation oncologists use a technique known as “adaptive treatment” to accurately address the changes and ensure precise delivery of radiation therapy. They carefully analyze the anatomical changes before each session and adjust the radiation treatment accordingly. Ethos ART ensures the radiation dose is delivered precisely to the target area.

Reduced Side Effects : Ethos ART is an innovative type of radiation therapy that enables doctors to target cancer with greater precision and reduce the risk of side effects. The treatment involves delivering a lower dose of radiation that is focused directly on the tumor, which can help patients feel better both during and after treatment. This approach aims to improve the quality of life for individuals battling cancer.

Reduced Margin Requirements : Radiation therapy is a commonly used treatment for cancer. However, the traditional method can sometimes cause harm to the healthy tissues surrounding the tumor, leading to several complications. Ethos ART is a new technology designed to enhance the precision of radiation therapy and minimize any harm to surrounding healthy tissues by using advanced imaging techniques to create a three-dimensional image of the patient’s tumor on a daily basis, enabling it to adjust to its shape and position accordingly. This means the radiation beam can be directed more accurately to the tumor, minimizing the exposure to the nearby healthy tissues.

Personalized treatment : Ethos therapy is a cutting-edge approach to radiation therapy that customizes the treatment based on the unique requirements of each patient. It utilizes real-time data about the patient’s body and understands how their tumor reacts to the treatment, which will help develop a personalized radiation therapy plan that is more efficient at destroying cancer cells while minimizing harm to the surrounding healthy tissues. This approach enables patients to receive optimal care and recover faster from their treatments.

Enhanced Imaging : Ethos ART utilizes advanced medical technology to provide cancer patients with enhanced imaging services. This advanced technology generates high-resolution images that provide a detailed view of the tumor and surrounding tissues. Such images are crucial for doctors to accurately diagnose and stage the cancer and to determine the most optimal course of radiation therapy for each patient.

Shorter Treatment Courses : Ethos ART is an advanced cancer treatment that uses sophisticated imaging techniques and computer algorithms to precisely target cancer cells while minimizing radiation exposure to the surrounding healthy tissues and organs. Compared to traditional radiation therapy, Ethos ART can help patients receive treatment faster, with fewer sessions in the hospital. As a result, patients can spend less time in the hospital, making treatment more convenient and cost-effective.

Real-Time Monitoring : Ethos ART’s Real-Time Monitoring provides doctors with various tools to monitor radiation treatment closely in real-time. Ethos can generate a comprehensive three-dimensional model of the tumor and its surrounding tissues. This ensures that the radiation is delivered accurately as per the plan and any required adjustments are made during the treatment session to provide the best possible outcome for the patient.

Increased Patient Comfort : Ethos ART is a groundbreaking medical technology specifically designed to enhance the comfort of cancer patients during their treatment. One of the key benefits of this technology is that it can automatically adjust to changes in a patient’s body, which minimizes the need for frequent repositioning or additional imaging scans. This means that patients can receive treatment more easily and with less discomfort, which can significantly improve their overall treatment experience.


  • AI-powered precise targeting causes less damage to surrounding healthy tissues
  • High-end targeted radiation therapy
  • High-quality diagnostic images for accurate planning and treatment
  • Convenient to treat inaccessible tumors
  • Adjusts radiation dose as per changes in patient’s anatomy, tumor size & shape
  • Delivers precise treatment in a 3-minute time slot
  • Non-invasive treatment and no post-surgery recovery period
  • On-couch adaptive planning with favorable treatment outcomes
  • Safe, comfortable, and patient-friendly
  • No hospitalization required

Ethos is a new way of treating cancer that uses advanced technology called artificial intelligence. This technology helps doctors deliver radiation therapy more accurately and efficiently, improving the chances of success for patients fighting cancer. Ethos is designed to make the treatment process as comfortable and effective as possible, giving patients a better experience while receiving the care they need.