Surgical oncology is a branch of medicine that uses surgery to treat Cancers. Its main aim is to find harmful tumours in your body and surgically remove them. surgical oncologists ALSO EVALUATE TO DIAGNOSE CANCER AND ALSO TO find out if the disease has spread to other parts of your body.

Cancer care has evolved very rapidly over the last few decades and therefore a new type of surgeon is needed to keep pace with these changes. No longer is surgery alone the only treatment for most solid malignancies but a combination of surgery and multi-modal therapies (with highly focussed radiotherapy, targeted molecular therapies and various regimens of chemotherapy) becoming the modern standard of care.

If there is a complex cancer diagnosis, a tumor board may be called upon to review the case. A tumor board consists of medical experts from all relevant disciplines who consult on the best course of treatment for an individual patient BASED ON ROBUST CLINICAL EVIDENCE.