Omega Hospitals Health Care expertise

Omega Hospitals Health Care is one of the first health care providers in Twin States to offer this leading-edge imaging technology to patients. Because of the increased detail of PET/MRI scans, only the most expert radiologists and nuclear medicine physicians can accurately interpret these images. Our radiologists and nuclear medicine physicians are nationally recognized as leaders in their field. They are often asked by their peers to give second opinions on tests performed outside of Telangana.

Your doctor has recommended that you have a PET/MRI (positron emission tomography/magnetic resonance imaging) scan. PET/MRI combines the functional imaging of PET with the anatomic imaging of MRI for exceptional image quality. PET/MRI is used to analyse a variety of cancers, as well as various neurological and cardiac conditions.

Our team of specialized doctors, nurses and technologists is led by Dr. Ch. Mohana Vamsy and chief of Nuclear Medicine.

AI enabled Digital PET MRI Scan

A PET/MRI scan is a two-in-one test that combines images from a positron emission tomography (PET) scan and a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan. This new hybrid technology harnesses the strengths of PET and MRI to produce some of the most highly detailed pictures of the inside of your body currently available. Doctors use those pictures to diagnose medical conditions and plan their treatment. For example, PET/MRI scans of the brain are useful in the care of Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, and brain tumors.

Combines enhanced morphological information and superior soft tissue contrast of MRI with the highest molecular sensitivity and accurate quantification of PET.

Simultaneous positron emission tomography and MRI (PET/MRI) is a technology that combines the anatomic and quantitative strengths of MR imaging with physiologic information obtained from PET. PET and computed tomography (PET/ CT) performed in a single scanning session is an established technology already in widespread and accepted use worldwide. Given the higher cost and complexity of operating and interpreting the studies obtained on a PET/MRI system, there has been question as to which patients would benefit most from imaging with PET/MRI versus PET/CT.

Combined PET and MRI is an emerging technology that aims to capitalize on the inherent advantages of MRI, including increased soft tissue contrast and lack of ionizing radiation exposure.

Advantages of PET/MRI, which include decreased radiation dose, improved motion correction, and the convenience of a combined exam.

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