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Endometrial Cancer

Endometrial cancer is a type of cancer that begins in the uterus. The uterus is the hollow, pear-shaped pelvic organ in women where fetal development occurs.Endometrial cancer begins in the layer of cells that form the lining (endometrium) of the uterus.

Endometrial cancer is sometimes called uterine cancer. Other types of cancer can form in the uterus, including uterine sarcoma, but they are much less common than endometrial cancer.

According to GLOBOCAN 2012 data, uterine cancers are the 5 th most common cancers in the females, with an estimated number of new cases per year being 3,20,000 (4.8% of all cancers in women). In India alone, there are 12,000 new cases being diagnosed every year with an incidence rate of 2.3%.

This cancer predominantly affects post-menopausal women with an average age at diagnosis being 60years. Only 25% of the endometrial cancers are diagnosed in pre-menopausal women and 5% in women less than 40 years old. However, the number of younger women with endometrial cancer is increasing day by day.