Breast cancer develops most commonly from the cells of the lactiferous ducts in breast. It is seen more commonly in women more than 40years age.

Breast cancer is a major public health problem for women throughout the world. In India, the projected incidence of breast cancer in females is 1 in 29 females in their lifetime. A increasing trend is seen in breast cancer incidence specially in urban cities.

Multiple factors are associated with the growing incidence of breast cancer but more than half women who develop breast cancer have no identifiable risk factors, other than Age and female sex. There are various genetic predisposition which makes a woman more susceptible to breast cancer.

Women usually complain of lump in the breast noticed while having a bath. These lumps are usually painless hence at times ignored

Regular self clinical examination helps to detect such lumps in an early stage.

Breast cancer spreads via the lymphatic system to the axillary lymph nodes, addressing which is also an important factor in management of breast cancer.

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