Cardiothoracic Surgery

Cardiothoracic surgery is a specialized branch of surgery that focuses on the heart and lungs. Surgeons in this field perform complex procedures within the thoracic cavity to improve patients' health.

Cardiothoracic surgeon

A cardiothoracic surgeon is a well-specialized medical doctor focused on the surgical treatment of diseases affecting the organs inside the thorax (the chest), primarily the heart and lungs. This type of surgeon performs a wide range of surgeries, including but not limited to coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), heart valve repair and replacement, lung cancer resections, lung transplants, and surgery for congenital heart defects.

Omega Hospital's Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery provides advanced surgical techniques and exceptional care for diseases affecting organs in the chest. The department has a team of skilled surgeons and staff who specialise in various procedures, including minimally invasive approaches. They are committed to research and innovation to ensure the best possible patient outcomes.

Dr. Pradheep K Rachakonda

Cardiothoracic Surgeon

MBBS, MS, MRCS, MCh (Cardiothoracic Surgery)


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