Dr. Vamsidhar Paduchuru


General Medicine


MBBS(NTRUHS), MD General medicine(Manipal University)



13 yrs

Profile Summary

Dr. Vamsidhar Paduchuru is a highly motivated and compassionate doctor with 14 years of experience in general medicine. He holds an MD in General Medicine from Manipal University and an MRCP PACES qualification from the Royal College of Physicians in the UK. He specializes in treating cancer patients and managing critical ICU cases.

Dr. Paduchuru is dedicated to professional growth and has certifications in Clinical Endocrinology and Diabetes. He has attended conferences and courses on diabetes management and liver diseases. With a passion for teaching, he has experience educating medical students and postgraduate students.

Dr. Paduchuru has also demonstrated leadership abilities as the head of the infection control committee and COVID management team. His goal is to pursue a career in Endocrinology and contribute to the field. With his diverse clinical experience and commitment to learning, Dr. Paduchuru is a dedicated to make a positive impact on patient care.