This combines radiation therapy with immunotherapy by using radioactive antibodies or molecules that target cancer cells. It is often used for certain types of lymphoma.

Technologies used in Radio-immunotherapy:

Ethos LINAC is an AI-powered Linear Accelerator System that combines adaptive intelligence with artificial intelligence and personalised planning to provide more accurate cancer treatment.

This technology considers various factors before planning the treatment and generates multiple treatment plans quickly, from which the doctor chooses the best one for each day.

The platform precisely delivers radiation to the tumour location, adjusting the radiation delivery based on the patient's unique anatomy, ensuring accurate and effective treatment.

AI-powered (artificial intelligence) precise targeting of cancer cells results in less damage to surrounding healthy tissues.

High-end targeted radiation therapy

High-quality diagnostic images for accurate planning and treatment.

Convenient to treat inaccessible tumours.

Adjusts radiation dose as per changes in patient's anatomy, tumour size & shape.

There are two types of radiation therapy for cancer:

External beam radiotherapy

Internal radiation therapy or Brachy Therapy

The choice of radiotherapy type depends on the specific characteristics of the cancer, its stage, location, the patient's overall health, and the goals of treatment, whether curative or palliative. Treatment plans are developed by a team of medical professionals, including radiation oncologists, to ensure the most appropriate and effective approach for each case.