Joint Preservation & Cell Theory

Procedures include BMAC procedure, Cartilage restoration and Osteotomy of the knee.

BMAC procedure:

BMAC is a regenerative medicine technique that uses bone marrow to treat musculoskeletal conditions. It involves extracting and concentrating regenerative cells from the bone marrow, and then injecting them into the affected area for healing. BMAC is commonly used for joints, bones, ligaments, and tendons.

Cartilage restoration:

Cartilage restoration is a set of techniques that repair damaged or degenerated cartilage in joints. It aims to promote healing, relieve pain, and delay or avoid joint replacement surgery.

Osteotomy of the knee:

A knee osteotomy is a surgical procedure in which a cut is made in one of the lower leg's bones. By realigning your leg, you can alleviate the symptoms of arthritis.