Fracture and trauma care:

Different procedures include all extremity fractures, all spine fractures, pelvic trauma, nonunions, malunions, bone infections, and limb salvage.

All extremity fractures:

Fractured bones can be either partially or completely broken and may damage nearby tissues.

All spine fractures:

Cervical thoracic lumbar injuries requiring surgery.

Pelvic trauma

Simple pelvic ring to complex acetabular fractures.


Where a bone doesn’t heal properly after a fracture. Nonunions can lead to pain and instability.


Where a bone doesn’t heal in the right position.

Bone infections are related to fractures (osteomyelitis):

It can happen when bacteria or fungi find their way into a bone. Without proper treatment, bone infections can cause permanent damage.

Limb salvage:

Where the limb is preserved by removing infected or malignant bone or tissues.