5. Laser piles / haemorrhoidectomy :

Laser proctology (laser piles) is a minimally invasive surgical procedure performed to treat haemorrhoids and is considered an advanced treatment option for treating haemorrhoids. Laser PILES surgery is a procedure that is both safe and effective and has many advantages over traditional surgical methods.

The procedure involves using a laser to cut and remove the haemorrhoids from the body. This is considered a safe option for large and prolapsed haemorrhoids.

Laser haemorrhoidoplasty:

It involves the usage of high-energy laser strikes to shrink the tissue.

Open Hemorrhoidectomy

It is is a traditional method of surgery where the piles are ligated and removed.

Advantages of Laser surgery are:

Minimally invasive

Lesser complications

No scaring

Higher accuracy

Shorter hospital stay

Early recovery