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Health Tips

Remodel your lifestyle

Cancer is linked to so many factors: diet, toxin exposure, lifestyle, viruses, smoking and in some cases, genetics. Whatever the main cause, a patient’s lifestyle will play a vital role in the growth of the cancer. If you smoke or use tobacco, seriously consider its negative impact and seek out tools for quitting. Allow yourself time for regular, consistent sleep at night in a dark room. Drink plenty of water and cut out sugary soft drinks and artificial sweeteners. At least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day are important. Sugar is considered by many to be the food of cancer. Refined sugars like those found in cookies and candy bars need to be replaced with dark chocolate. The emphasis on sunshine and vitamin D in relation to cancer continues to grow. Sunshine provides our bodies with the main ingredient for the production of this very important vitamin. In a way, cancer is an imbalance in the body that leads to cell growth. Lifestyle plays a major role in preventing or leading to these imbalances.

Refocus your stress

Refocus your stress into something relaxing and positive. Stress may be a component of all chronic diseases. Meditation, yoga and other relaxation techniques can provide benefit during the stress of surgery and chemotherapy. Exercise is another form of relaxation that can have great benefits for both the heart and mind. As challenging as it may be, we also need to shift our focus from dread and fear to lifestyle changes that will help prevent cancerous changes.

Learn all of your treatment options

Therapies for cancer vary greatly depending on the type of cancer and the extent to which it has spread in the body. It’s important to know all of your options and what to expect. One has to weigh quantity (number of days) against quality of life, as there will be side effects to any treatment. Do not be afraid to ask questions on the success rate of a given treatment and the quality of life expected. Don’t make a decision out of fear. Use information. Discuss options and your goals with your doctors and support networks. Consider integrating other non-traditional therapies into your regimen. Many patients have greater success using therapies from both realms. Those who desire an integrative approach should openly share this with their doctor and ask for referrals to integrative practitioners who will work with traditional care.

Take a step back

Before taking the plunge into a cancer treatment, don’t forget to take a step back and breathe. Cancer can change many facets of your life, but often times in a negative way. As a society, we must continue to promote proactive changes to help prevent cancer before it starts. Cancer patients should seek out a strong support network for emotional strength and to share experiences. The initial fear and dread of the diagnosis needs to be replaced with education, support, relaxation, lifestyle improvements and love.