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Physical Exercise

Cancer patients and survivors should strive to get the same 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise that is recommended for the public. Cancer patients with weakened ability to fight infection, for instance, may be advised to avoid exercise in public gyms.

Physical Exercise for Cancer Patients

In general, a while after the end of the treatment, the patient is not limited anymore in his physical exercise, and more over sport can help him to regain a good physical state and thus participate to the recovery.

One persistent area of concern for cancer patients is change in body mass — both weight gain and weight loss tied to disease symptoms and treatment side effects. Patients with hormone-based tumors, breast and Prostate Cancers, tend to gain weight during treatment and frequently have difficulty losing it. Other patients, especially those with gastrointestinal tumors, suffer from weight loss brought on by loss of appetite and changes in their ability to swallow and properly digest food, exercise for weight control and reduction in body mass may actually reduce the risk of recurrence for breast cancer patients, and ultimately decrease breast cancer mortality. For patients suffering from cancer-related weight loss, physical activity helps to maintain lean body mass, which can contribute to increased strength and well-being. although there are specific risks associated with cancer treatment that need to be considered when patients exercise, there is consistent evidence that exercise training can lead to improvements in aerobic fitness, muscular strength, quality of life and fatigue in breast, prostate, and hematologic cancer patients and survivors.

Thus, it is also important that along with healthcare professionals, fitness professionals also enhance their capacity to serve the unique needs of cancer survivors.